1. WE, the Members of the MALAYSIAN INSURANCE AND TAKAFUL BROKERS ASSOCIATION (MITBA), undertake to follow, uphold and abide by the laws, rules and regulations as contained in the following:
    • Financial Services Act 2013 / Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 and its amendments;
    • Constitution of MITBA, its Code Of Ethics And Conduct and its amendments
    • All circulars, directives and guidelines issued by Bank Negara Malaysia; and
    • All market agreements agreed upon and signed between MITBA, Persatuan Insuran Am Malaysia (PIAM) and the Life Insurance Association Of Malaysia (LIAM) and other trade associations and regulatory bodies.

  2. WE shall maintain full transparency in all our transactions and provide services with confidence based on trust, security, efficiency, effectiveness and courtesy for the benefit of our clients.

  3. WE shall provide our clients with services in accordance with the terms of reference of our appointment, which may include but not limited to the following:
    • To design and implement an insurance programme specifically tailored to the clients' requirements, with their approval;
    • To place and maintain agreed insurance programme with licensed and/or approved underwriters/ reinsurers/ insurance companies with strong financial standing;
    • To provide efficient claims handling/reporting/settlement services, ensuring timely collection of all admissible claims; and
    • To give advice on changes and developments pertaining to the insurance industry and its effects on clients' insurance requirements.
    • To respond to our clients' calls / enquiries within two (2) working days.
    • To arrange timely issuance of policies and endorsements in line with our Best Practice Agreement with Persatuan Insuran Am Malaysia (PIAM)

  4. In so doing and conforming to all the above, WE shall uphold the highest levels of:
    • Professionalism;
    • Credibility;
    • Integrity; and
    • Trust.